Mini Micro Deluxe 3x1

(includes: seat, lower bar and standard T-bar)

Age range: 1-5 years 

Price: 99,90€


The seat can be detached from the handlebar, enabling riding in a standing position.


And when the kids are older, simply replacing the handlebar with the conventional Mini Micro T-bar , the  product is transformed in the Mini Micro Classic.





Mini Micro Deluxe

Age range: 2-5 years

Price: 89,90€


His unique lean-and-steer mechanism is patented and the deck is reinforced with fiberglass. 


The soft plastic an rounded edges make it easier for younger children to handle and helps avoid injuries.



Sprite Micro


Age range: + 6 years

Price: 109,90€


Compact size and light weight, ideal for kids and beginners.


Easy to carry and to ride.